Q:Where do I sign up?

A:Go to our registration page.

Q:I have never done CrossFit before, is this a good time for me to try?

A:NO!  You must be proficient with all movements in your workout before you get here. However, come out and watch, make a donation and we’ll see you in one of our gyms on Tuesday morning.

Q:Can I scale the weight?

A.These memorial workouts are epic. Your effort should be in line with that spirit. That being said, it should be a great challenge but doable. Hurting yourself doesn't honor anyone. Scale as needed. Don't be stupid.

Q:I want to do multiple wods. Can I do that?

A: Yes. Everyone signed up for a hero wod is expected to donate $35 (and any additional amount to the Travis Manion Foundation is certainly appreciated). If you want to do even more than that, we ask for an additional donation of $10 (minimum) for each additional WOD. Every space is a potential donation, so we do not want to short-change the TMF and the awesome work that they do.

Q:If I register for a WOD and my buddy registers for a different WOD, can we do both of our wods as a team?

A:Yes. As long as both of you are fully registered and use one set of equipment per workout, you can absolutely share workouts.  Please note, if you are going to do a workout as a coed team, please register for the men's Rx weight. Each WOD is allotted one set of equipment so you will have to add/remove weight as needed.

Q:I have trucks full of money that I want to donate above and beyond the registration fee, can I do that?

A:Absolutely. If you want to use a credit card, we suggest going straight to the Travis Manion Foundation (click here for a direct link). Additionally, we can take cash or check the day of the event. 

Q:Your charity has a cool logo, but who do they help?

A:We have selected this organization very carefully. We strive to support our fighting men and women from the moment they begin their training to years after they return from service.

The Travis Manion Foundation assists veterans and supports families of fallen heroes. Through challenge grants, charity events, and community education, they keep alive the memories of those lost and provide invaluable support to those who survive.  For more information on the Travis Manion Foundation, please click here.

Q:Are the lockers from my gym magically linked to the lockers in your gym?

A:Yes. Unfortunately, gym gnomes tend to lose things in transit. If you have any special equipment that you are married to, please bring it with you. This includes: jump ropes, lifting shoes, tape, wraps, and those invisible shirts that all Crossfit men seem to wear.

Q:I want a special commemorative t-shirt for every day of the week, will you be selling them on site?

A:Yes. All additional proceeds will go directly to the charities. Extra tees are $20.

Q:Is this a family friendly event?

A:Absolutely! Please bring the fam.